T1 way to clear AB

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T1 way to clear AB

Post by Admin on Sat Jan 21, 2017 3:02 am

OK.... most are going to look at this and say "OMG I have SOOOOO much betters strikers than these!!"

That is not the point.

This is a basic walkthrough with easy to achieve characters that will quickly allow you to get through the basic Alliance Battles. They have not made the battles any tougher, so all of these characters still work. I have tested this over the past week (was unable to use Zombie Venom but used Goliath) and I was able to score 1.5 million points.


This is probably obvious, but finish the mobs as quickly and safely as possible. If you kite around them for too long they will start to glow red and their stats will increase, making them much harder to kill. The frost beast, on the other hand, is a game of patience. Learn his attack animations and only strike when you know you are completely safe. His only really dangerous attack is where he lunges twice at you, as the second time is usually hard to avoid. If he does that switching characters before the second lunge usually lets you dodge it successfully. Non-2099 uniformed Iron Man is also fast enough to dodge this consistently. I also find it useful to run up in front of the Frost Beast while it’s walking around to coax it into doing an easily dodgeable attack like his frost breath. In my experience he will only do the double lunge if you have some distance between you when he starts his attack.

For meteor days, I don’t know just run around like a mad man and concentrate. The only thing that I’ve noticed to increase my score is sitting in a comfortable position with the sound on and no other distractions. Also note, meteor drop rate seems to increase with time. This means take out mobs as quickly as you can (while staying safe) so that the meteors aren't too insane when you get to higher scores. There is no character whose skills are all useful, so determine the safest ones and stick to only those. For example, Sharon Carter should only be using her 6* skill because of the powerful AoE damage and the evasive backflip. Any other skill is too dangerous to use.


I’ve been checking the top two alliances (Synergy and that Korean one) a lot and interestingly enough it seems like as a group they have two ways of approaching this. Synergy seems to love Stark’s Backing (a healing set) paired with a Recovery gear, while the Korean one has a variety of sets with a Dodge gear. I believe it is generally agreed upon that healing sets and cool down time reduction sets (like Smart Raccoon) are the best. Shield sets and sets that increase Dodge and decrease the base Cool Down (like Tenacious Symbiote) are also acceptable if you don’t have enough cash to re-roll forever, but probably not the absolute best.


•1st: Appropriate attack type or All Attack (first option can be appropriate attack type by level)

•2nd: All Defense

•3rd: HP or Dodge

•4th: Skill Cooldown

This seems to be the basic build used for most characters. Even though I’d say HP is best for the 3rd gear in all other modes, the meteors apparently do damage equal to a percentage of your HP, meaning extra HP won’t help if that’s what usually kills you. It still helps against attacks from mobs though, so just use the character and decide which would be more useful. Obviously, get all gear options as high as possible using your best judgement on which to prioritize. (i.e. Skill Cooldown for Loki is key, but not as important on Sister Grimm because with Iron Man leadership she can already have clones constantly up.)


Use the zombies one that gives +5% dodge. Dodge is great.


These are just the teams that I use. There are definitely other options and I’d love to hear what’s effective for everyone else.

Any: Sharon Carter (or Iron Man), Red Skull (or Coulson), Loki

Strategy: The goal of this is to give Loki a permanent shield. If you have enough invested in Loki’s Cool Down already, you won’t need to use the other characters at all and can finish the battle with near full health. Just keep your eyes on the shield countdown timer, use clones, and run around.

Combat: Kingpin, Groot, Zombie Venom

Strategy: Kingpin’s ninjas will do the bulk of the damage, and use Groot to heal when it’s safe. Venom can deal with mobs by using his 5* skill immediately after his 6* skill to have them running away in fear, giving you some space to switch to Kingpin and summon his ninjas again.

Blast: Iron Man (AoU uniform), Kingpin (uniform), Sister Grimm (uniform)

Strategy: Again, Kinpin’s ninjas will do most of the damage. In order to cast the ninjas a little bit safer, I like to use his 5* skill first, and then 6* immediately after. Use his laser beam on enemies when they are distracted by the ninjas. Sister Grimm is also useful for casting clones to distract the enemies and follow it up with her 1st or 3rd skill from a distance.

Speed: Sharon Carter, Black Widow (Secret Wars uniform), Silk

Strategy: Silk can handle the first few waves by herself taking zero damage thanks to her web shield. Her 6* skill is useful for when the mobs group up. When using Sharon, stick to her 6* skill only. Black Widow should only be using her dodge buff and her 6* skill. Unfortunately her Coup de Grace isn’t very safe, but it’s powerful enough to be worth it when there are tons of mobs chasing you. I prefer Dodge gear to electric booster for more survivability. Try to keep them all alive as long as possible through a lot of tagging because they are all strikers for each other and you can safely get some extra damage that way.

Universal: Ronan, Throot, Loki

Strategy: This is really all about supporting Loki. Ronan to boost and Throot to heal. Ronan is useful as a tag-in pivot to save Loki or Throot from a double lunge and wait for cool downs. Try only to heal Loki when the Frost Beast is by itself and doing an avoidable attack. Patience is really the most important part of this battle.

Female: Same as Speed day.

Villain: Ronan, Kingpin (uniform), Loki

Strategy: Same as universal but trade healing for another attacker. Not quite as effective, but still easy to get a high score. Tag as needed and use those clones. This battle is probably a good argument for why healing iso sets are so useful.


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